Cosmetic Surgery or A Short Daily Exercise Routine - Which One Should You Choose to Get Rid of Double Chin Fat?

By Lenore Highstrom

For those of us with plenty of money to throw at anything our hearts desire, cosmetic surgery, liposuction, and a host of expensive and time consuming spa services are eagerly awaiting our decision to go for the fast solution to our aging sagging faces. However, not everyone has that kind of money necessary to do these types of procedures right, and even if we can afford it, we have to ask ourselves if surgery and or liposuction is really the right way to go.

We've all heard it takes as more muscles to frown than it does to smile, but when you look in the mirror and see a sagging lackluster face, it doesn't seem like there are fewer muscles needed to smile. So, what can you do if you want your face to shape up? Plenty of so-called experts will advise this product or that product - but can putting something onto your face really make any difference?

There are basically two camps for fixing your face - the hard core go to a plastic surgeon camp, and the strengthen and tone your facial muscles just like you can strengthen and tone any other muscle by exercising camp. The folks who opt for the strategies in the first camp typically have lots of money and even when really can't afford it, still proceed with that option because they want 'instant' results. The folks in the latter camp are usually more interested in long term results and may or may not have funds to go with the first camps choices. These folks research the alternatives available to them and opt for the prefer safer, more natural, and in the long-run more effective method of taking care of themselves.

Instant gratification, that's something we are all taught (by advertisers) to want and to expect. Cosmetic surgery has the benefit of giving almost immediate results (once we heal, and remove the bandages - that is.) Unfortunately, there's frequently a price to be paid for messing so drastically with whatever we were blessed with in our DNA. We've all seen the horrible images of surgeries-gone-bad that Paparazzi are only too thrilled to photograph of the unfortunate B and C list and occasional A list celebrity.

Truth be told, surgical procedures are effective, much of the time. Unfortunately, while there is no guarantee that it will work, as flawless surgery is often reserved for truly wealthy who can afford the most expensive plastic surgeons, who charge upwards of $10K and more every time they take their scalpel out. It's not for the likes of us regular folk.

Alternatively, you could just decide to approach the problem from the inside out. With only a few minutes a day and with a tiny financial investment (just enough to learn your routines) you can rebuild your face, your jaw line, and even your droopy eyelids by becoming a face-fitness fanatic.

Facial fitness is not a new concept. The yogi's have been practicing it for centuries. Professional singers have great facial musculature and high cheek bones even when they are overweight, simply because they are constantly giving their facial muscles a work-out. We unwittingly alter, shape and mold our faces with every frown, squint or yawn or twitch we do. The trick is to know exactly what to start doing on a regular basis to begin to alter our appearance in the direction we seek.

So, let's say you want to look into the whole face-fitness trend, where can you go? There are really only a few major experts and players currently marketing books, videos, and even on-line training programs. You'll want to probably take a look at all of their approaches to see which one fits your learning method and budget. But even the most expensive on-line training program will be a fraction of the cost of taking the surgery route. And once you learn the relatively simple techniques and routines, you won't have to go to the gym to work-out, you'll be able to get your face fit at home, while watching TV, while walking the dog...

If there's anything that doesn't make sense, it's why people are still paying so much for surgery that has a high chance of failure, rather than investing less money and more time into something that has a virtually 100% chance of working well. Who do you think has won the facial reconstruction battle? I know which side I'm barracking for. - 30516

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Liposuction Alternatives

By Jay Cindy

A number of liposuction alternatives exist that offer permanent removal of fat with fewer side effects and at lower prices. Other liposuction alternatives do not actually remove fat cells but tighten the skin to make it look firmer.

Liposuction is a major surgery that requires general anesthesia and time off work. Ten pounds of fat can be removed each session at a price tag ranging between $4,000 and $10,000. The fat cells are removed from the body by liquefying them and then literally sucking them out of the body. Swelling, pain and bruising are common side effects, which are the same for any surgery.

Two alternatives to liposuction actually remove fat cells from the body. Lipodissolve is one of them and mesotherapy is the other. Fat is literally dissolved by injecting a layer of fat with a solution that the body then flushes out on its own. Lipodissolve uses a detergent formula and mesotherapy uses an amino acid based formula. There is basically no recovery time for either method. Each treatment costs between $350 and $2000. As many as six treatments may be needed. What is not known about these methods is what happens to the fat cells after they have been dissolved. If the cells are not completely flushed form the body they may clog arteries or get stuck elsewhere which can cause its own set of problems. Another issue with is with the chemicals that are used in the injection. There has not been sufficient testing to determine where they go after the job is done.

Thermage is a new technique that does not take away fat cells but in fact tightens the skin, resulting in a weight-loss effect. A machine that creates a certain radio frequency is rubbed over an area of skin. It heats the collagen underneath it and as the collagen gets warm, the skin gets tighter. Of course, this method will not give permanent results but they are fairly long-term and they improve over time. With proper diet and the right exercise, the results can be made to last longer. It generally requires six to twelve session at around $400 to $700 each to achieve desired results.

Another low cost alternative to liposuction is the body wrap. Here again, fat cells are not removed but the body appears slimmer because of the tightening affect of the wraps and the reduction in water weight. This is an all-natural therapy that involved wrapping the body to promote reshaping and then soaking the wrap in minerals that draw out water and detoxify. There is technically no limit to the number of wraps that can be performed in a day and the more wraps done in a day the more striking the results. Each wrap costs between $50 and $100 and it will take approximately ten wraps to drop a dress size.

Proper exercise and a low calorie diet are the best liposuction alternatives. Slow weight loss requires a substantial amount of time and energy. Many people tend to get discouraged. Immediate results from weight loss treatments may motivate people to continue their weight loss efforts. Liposuction is quite costly and most people cannot all afford it. Besides, it is dangerous. Less enduring solutions can be obtained for much less money that look good quickly and may help inspire perseverance. - 30516

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Making The Decision: Is Liposuction a Better Choice than SmartLipo?

By William Patel

Liposuction has long been one of the most effective ways of drastic fat reduction. But more and more people recently have started opting for the quicker and relatively hassle-free Smart Lipo procedure in place of liposuction. Before you decide on one of the two procedures, it is important to understand the differences between the two and their applicability to different cases.

Liposuction removes fat by breaking down the adipose tissue through a back and forth movement of a long hollow tube, and sucking out the dissolved fat through small incisions made in the area under treatment. The cuts made in this treatment are larger than those created in Smart Lipo, and hence this method is preferred for those who need to remove fat from bigger body areas. In liposuction, general anaesthesia is administered and a days stay at the clinic is generally needed.

In Smart Lipo, laser is used instead of a tube to break down the fat in the affected body part. Non scalpel techniques are increasing being used in place of surgery. This is far more efficient, since the imprecision of human movement inevitably leads to bleeding and bruising of the area. Small areas from which fat needs to be removed, for instance, the chin, are ideal candidates for Smart Lipo, which only requires small incisions and guarantees quicker healing. After the conclusion of the Smart Lipo treatment, in which local anaesthesia is used, the patient can go home in about thirty minutes to an hour.

Liposuction and Smart Lipo both require a patient to be free from health problems such as diabetes, blood related diseases, skin problems and liver and heart malfunction. In any case, you must opt for these treatments only after a doctors approval.

Negligence in maintaining the new fat free body should not creep in after undergoing these treatments. You should work on your fitness by taking a healthier diet and engaging in regular physical activity; otherwise, you may soon find yourself in your pre-treatment shape. - 30516

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Aesthetic Clinic: Elements You Should Consider Before Getting Their Service

By Almario Rodriguez

To be beautiful and attractive is everyone's dream. It is but a human nature to desire to have an attractive appearance. For many, a good looking appearance corresponds to a good self-esteem or confidence. It makes people feel good when they know that they have pleasing appearance. Thus aesthetic treatment centre became popular in every country all over the world.

Quest of this dream however must come with great care. We should never compromise our safety for aesthetic purposes. As this treatment can certainly make anyone's life better, if handled in a wrong way however, it can cause more harm and troubles than any improvement at all.

The first step to getting any work done to your body is to choose first the appropriate aesthetic clinic. You can start this by asking for the personal referrals of the people around you. Personal references are good resource. Then after doing this, you can make your own research. The following are some of the points you can use as guide when you are making your research:

1. Determine the experience level of the professionals working on the clinic you are considering specially the doctor who will cover the procedure if ever you will get their service. How many treatments that are similar to your case have been executed in the clinic?

2. Search for any previous customers from the Aesthetic Clinic. Ask them about their personal experience and how they were handled by the people in that particular clinic. If you search online sometimes you can find reviews about the clinic. In doing this, you also need to be careful, as some people are a bit bias.

3. If possible, try to get an information about the injury rate of the clinic. A higher percentage of injury rate should make you think twice if you are going to get their service.

4. Try to get an information about the equipments they are using. Are these equipments the latest available in the market? - 30516

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Rhinoplasty Can Solve A Lot Of Your Self-esteem Problems

By Adriana Noton

We are all born different and have different personalities and physical characteristics. Some are lucky and have perfectly symmetrical features. Many of us are fairly ordinary, and have one or two features that we dislike. Many people hate the shape or size of their nose. If this is you, and it really is a big problem in your life, you may want to consider rhinoplasty.

To make you feel better about yourself, people may say that a large nose adds character and makes you unique. The problem is that every celebrity and movie star you see has a small or straight nose that looks great and makes them attractive. Unfortunately this only makes you hate your nose even more.

Your every waking thought is about your nose ' how to hide it ' how to avoid people seeing your profile ' in fact it's an obsession. Everybody you see seems to have a smaller nose than you. You finally pluck up the courage to talk to your family about rhinoplasty.

If your family can understand why you lack confidence and are so unhappy, they should be sympathetic and understanding. Reassure them by explaining how common this procedure is and exactly what it involves. The next step is to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

The surgeon will take photographs of your nose and explain what changes can be made during the procedure. He or she will tell with you and your family about what the surgery entails. The cost of the surgery as well as the recovery period will also be explained.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common male cosmetic surgery performed today. It can be done in an outpatient surgery, or in a hospital. You will either be under local or general anesthesia, depending on your surgeon who does your nose surgery.

Local anesthesia is often used during rhinoplasty. The process is quick and almost painless. But you will still need to recover fully before going home to make sure that no hemorrhaging occurs. If the surgeon wants to use general anesthetic you will be put to sleep properly for duration of the surgery.

Plastic surgery of the nose begins with the surgeon making an opening across the skin that separates your nostrils. The cartilage and bone of your nose will then be sculpted to create the desired shape. Scarring is minimal.

Your nose will look bruised and swollen, and your eyes will be puffy, for some time after the operation. You need to follow the surgeon's advice regarding swelling, and take medication. You will also need to go for one or two follow-up appointments to check that your nose is healing correctly.

It is important not to blow your nose during the first week of your operation because you might injure your healing nose. Within about 10 days the stitches will be removed and the bruising should almost be gone. Your nose will still be slightly swollen for some time.

Rhinoplasty can make a big difference in your self-esteem and give a good self-image. The money you spent will be worth every cent. You will feel a new found confidence and be a lot more sociable. As they say, 'it is still you, but just a better you'. - 30516

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The Danger Of Cosmetic Surgery Complications

By Jenny Hoffman

When talking about cosmetic surgery, people are wanting to change their apperance. You might be wanting to change a bit about your appearance for many reasons. Perhaps you have an illness or an injury that has made you look differently than you'd like, or perhaps you are just not happy with the way that you look. Either way you are looking to change how you look, and no matter what type of surgery you have done there are always things that could go wrong. In fact there is always going to be a risk of cosmetic surgery complications that you will have to deal with.

What Kind Might There Be?

There are many different types of cosmetic surgery complications that you might find as you begin your process. First of all, the major thing that goes wrong is that whatever you get done simply doesn't end up looking the way that you want it to. Basically, doing cosmetic surgery means taking the way that you are now and altering that so that you look differently. When this happens, there are many cosmetic surgery complications that could also happen because it is simply a matter of trying to make you look the way that you want - which might be different than what a doctor thinks they can do for you.

Surgical Complications

Besides for simply not turning out how you want, there are other things that could go wrong. First of all, you might find that you have a reaction to the medications that are used to put you under. Like any surgery, this is a big cosmetic surgery complication that might happen. The biggest problem that this presents is that if you are getting cosmetic surgery, and there are cosmetic surgery complications that happen with whatever drugs they use to put you under, they might not have the right kind of equipment at the clinic that is needed to help you. That is why if you can have your surgery done at a real hospital, you are going to be able to know that most of the cosmetic surgery complications are not going to be life threatening to you.

Remember that just like any other surgery, cosmetic surgery complications do happen, and they might happen to you. This is why it is so important to have an open line of communication with your doctor, and to be sure that you are talking about each possibility before it becomes reality. - 30516

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Discover About Breast Enhancement Surgery

By Jim Antonio

An increasingly popular form of plastic surgery is breast enhancement; as many women seek to achieve that body beautiful look. Of course, there are a host of other reasons for such procedures; be it to boost self esteem and confidence, or following accident or illness. Whatever the reason however, it is important to understand exactly what is involved.

As with any form of procedure, breast enhancement surgery carries a certain amount of risk factors. High on this list of course regards administration of the anesthetic however, with infections always a possibility and human errors possible, it is not a decision to be entered lightly.

Though human error and incompetence does occur though; these are at very low levels, and risk of this can be minimized and all but obliterated by selecting a responsible and recommended surgery team. It is always good to have a recommendation of course, but patients need to do their own questioning too.

Having made a decision to go with a certain team, it is necessary to dedicate a good portion of time to discussing everything involved. A reputable surgeon will invite patients in to explain all details. This is an intimate discussion of course, so this needs to be fully understood too.

During these sessions, patients will have the opportunity to ask any and all questions; and this is something that should be done. Included in this will be the chance to ask about any complications a surgeon has had to deal with. Though the surgeon is the expert, it is important that the patient is 100 percent happy with these discussions, and understands they can walk away at any point.

Possibly the most important thing to understand about having breasts enhanced is to remain realistic. All too often, women face ongoing difficulties having gone up to a size that simply doesn't suit their frame. It is also important to understand that such procedures will need to be repeated from time to time, and addiction to procedures is a recognized issue.

Once a decision has been made to undergo breast enhancement surgery, and once completed, there needs to be an extended period of time where the patient's will be monitored. This will be done by the clinic of course; but self examination and so forth will also be required. This should last for no less than four or six weeks as scars heal, tissue repairs, and bruising alleviates.

Though breast enhancement surgery is increasingly safe and successful, there are alternatives out there. Often, problems are caused by nothing more than wearing the wrong bra. Each and every woman should have a professional bra fitting regularly and, certainly following bouts of illness, pregnancy and other changes in life.

A regular bra can also be complimented with silicone enhancers; that give shape, size and definition. These often just slip in between the breast and the bra itself, or can be fully inserted to the bra lining. Many surgeons recommend using these as a precursor to surgery too; allowing for a good estimation of appropriate size required.

Of course, there are more permanent breast enhancement options available. Many have found success with herbal supplements and creams for example. Whichever is the preferred route however, it is only sensible that consultation with a doctor is sought before any period of help is taken. - 30516

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